Showreel 2015

2D and 3D animation, character animation

- 3D animation - Rosa & Dara and Their Great Adventures (Kredenc, Bionaut)
- 3D animation and directing - TV spot for Centrum (Silencio FX)
- animation, design, directing - Where do the wild butterflies grow? (diploma movie)
- animation - videoclip Figúrka (INEKAFE)
- animation - intro (Smilebox)
- 3D animation test (Alkay)
- 3D animation dialogue test (Norman rig)
- 3D animation dialogue test (rig by Vitor Vinalys)
- 3D short intro movie for the cinema screening (Kredenc)
- animation - True Štúr short movie (Silencio FX)
- animation, design, directing - Hotdog (bachelor movie)
- animation - TV spot for Albi (Silencio FX)
- animation - outro (Smilebox)

Curriculum vitae in czech and english version .

Animation / Animace

2D and 3D animation, character animation, motion graphics, video-mapping, banners, etc.
animation in After Effects, Flash, Maya 3D, 3D Max and Houdini

- animator at Kredenc > (2014-2015)
- animator at Silencio FX > (2013-2014)
- animator at Kouzelná ***** > (2011-2012)
- freelance animator and illustrator (since 2006)

Illustration / Ilustrace a kresby

- Family Farm game cover
- Illustrations for the children book Holidays with Nala
- Storyboards

Flash games / Flashové hry

design and animation for the flash games:
- The Swamp ( - You can PLAY the Game
- The Slide Down (Pirelli), Drink It Al (Staropramen), etc.

Colorgrading and Postproduction

- D2 trailer, Korunní spot, Inels spot, Golden Apple spot, Vekra spot, Free Fall (Reality) videoclip, Jantarová stezka, Forpsi - Zásah